Accommodation Providers are encouraged to speak to Students as they apply as potential tenants via our safe and trusted platform. Accommodation Providers can interact with applicants through the messenger feature on the platform.

Safety is our number one priority. As the preferred student accommodation platform according to NSFAS, we take safety very seriously — for both our Accommodation Providers and our Students. This is to reassure all platform users and to keep things running efficiently. To this end, we: Verify cell phone numbers Verify email addresses Moderate Accommodation Providers and ensure their listings are in line with the standards set forth by the Department of Higher Learning and Training, as well as our Terms and Conditions

We have several tips for optimising your listing to get it seen by more eyes on Student Connect. First up, be sure to have a nice, polished listing with as much description as possible and good, quality images. Be sure to include details about your amenities and highlights of your space. Having too simple of a description could put you at a disadvantage, as one missing detail could have been the make or break in a student’s decision to enquire. Also, adding quality images really sets the scene for your potential applicants and easily allows them to picture themselves in your property.

The booking process has been made to simplify the entire process of finding Student Accommodation. When you create an account with some key information, you will be sending the Accommodation Provider all the details needed to see if you are a right fit for the listing, as well as any questions you may have about the property. Once the landlord accepts your application, they will communicate with you to seal the deal. All communication is handled through the platform, ensuring the safety of all parties. The platform will generate a lease automatically with the details of the applying Student and the Accommodation Provider. The student applicant is required to sign the accompanying code of conduct to finalize the accommodation lease.