1. Sign Up

1.1 - Register on the platform by providing you ID number.

1.2 - Verify your account via the email sent to your mailbox.

1.3 - Verify your phone number via the One Time Pin (OTP) sent to your phone.

1.4 - All done! You’re free to view all properties on the platform and apply to up to three properties to stay in. the Accommodation Provider will accept or decline your application.

1.5 - Once they’ve accepted your application, you will receive an email notifying you of this. A signed lease agreement between you and the Accommodation Provider will be generated on the platform for your records.


2. Lease management

2.1 - You can log issues you’re experiencing in the property on the platform for the Accommodation Provider to resolve.

2.2 - The Accommodation Provider can issue warnings to you for disorderly behaviour on the platform.

2.3 - NSFAS will automatically pay the Accommodation Provider directly on a monthly basis on your behalf.

2.4 - If for any reason you’re no longer staying in the property, make sure to notify NSFAS.